Wix vs Weebly comparison

Last updated on November 26th 2020

1. Platforms Overview

150 million people have tried out Wix’s website building platform  since it launched in 2006. The platform now consistently tops the DIY website building charts, largely thanks to the incredible pace of change and strong online community presence.

Wix’s acclaimed drag and drop page-builder is beautifully designed and easy to understand. Wix has all the tools that small business owners and entrepreneurs will need, to create a professional web presence and constant innovation means a business using wix will always have the latest features and wow factor.

Wix and Weebly websites are built by adding content blocks to pages, in a visual WYSIWYG (drag and drop) editor. Everyday objects such as text, photo galleries contact forms and more are available to add to pre designed templates.You can then customize to suit your needs, using settings panels that are similar to editing Powerpoint templates.

Wix has evolved to be more than a simple website builder, with a suite of business management tools, such as a CRM, invoicing tools, the ability to create membership sites, take bookings for your team, organise your calendars ,the ability to easily  handle GDPR queries, set up SSL certificates and so much more.

If you want to get up and running in under an hour, Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) is the place to start. You can then move to the Wix Editor, which gives you total design freedom. For advanced sites there is now Wix Corvid. It is possible to extend your site’s functionality with Wix Corvid APIs and your own JavaScript. You can create any type of website, including paid-membership sites, an online store, a sophisticated news site or even your own platform, and manage it all, in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Weebly were established  in 2006, and have been a mainstay of the DIY website building industry ever since. Weebly sites are great for eCommerce, and since their acquisition by Square in 2017, the company’s focus has shifted even more towards that area.

Their website builder feels stuck in the past, their free image library looks like it has not been updated since the mid noughties, and many of the UX elements in their editor feel more last-gen than next gen. Unless they have something big up their sleeve, they will continue to fall further behind Wix.

Bottom Line: Wix has raced ahead of Weebly in recent years. Weebly now feels outdated in comparison.

2. Ease of Use

Both platforms want to make sure that users find the process of making websites fun and exciting.

Wix makes building a website easy and intuitive. Here’s how:

  • Wix has with an industry-leading drag and drop website builder. No coding skills or development experience are required.
  • Wix has over 500 designer-made templates—all 100% customizable.
  • Wix’s alternative to the traditional Wix Editor is Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). Just answer a few questions and Wix ADI creates a custom website just for you complete with images and text.
  • Wix handles hosting, and SSL certificates, which makes it simple to get started
  • Wix has a quick signup process—just fill in your email and start for free.You’ll be asked to choose from the two different domain options: use the free Wix.com domain or connect to your own customized domain. If you want to use a custom domain name (e.g www.london-flowers.com), then you need to subscribe to one of the premium plans.Once you get past the setup, this is where the fun begins. The Wix interface is easy to understand, and you can change everything you are first given from the template style.The downside to all these customisation options is that it can become quite fiddly to change the look and feel of your site if you have a change of heart. Swapping templates with one click is not possible.Weebly has a similar feel to Wix  but their UI has not really kept pace, and now feels dated. Square acquired Weebly in 2017, and announced a host of new e-commerce features for the Weebly mobile app.Those features include the ability to ship and print labels, to respond to customer questions via Facebook Messenger, which can be embedded on Weebly sites. Site owners can now approve customer reviews, to create branded coupon codes and to edit every aspect of your store, including product listing and pricing — all from the app.Bottom Line: Wix has become more powerful, and with so many options, it does require some learning to get the most out of it. If you do need to hire a professional, the Wix Arena has 100’s of accredited designers and coders on hand.

    Weebly is easy to use, but limiting due to a lack of customization options that are long overdue in being addressed by the developers.

3. Design and Customization Options

Wix is the most flexible website builder on the market. Wix offers 100% customizable templates, stunning design features and a variety of Apps for your website.

There are over 500 templates for different categories, including business, eCommerce, photography, art, food and restaurants, hotels, blogs and more. Some of the templates are outdated, but new ones are added all the time and that keeps Wix fresh.

In addition, there are more than 200 Apps you can use in your Wix site. Some of our favourites are:

  • Email Marketing: This allows you to collect contact details of prospects who expressed interest in your site/product/service and communicate with them via email marketing campaigns.
  • Wix Video: If you use video for marketing and communication purposes, Wix Video is super useful tool. Just upload your videos and choose layout. There’s also a live stream video option available in which viewers can comment in real time.
  • Wix Stores. You can generate coupon codes, manage orders, choose from various product page templates and have a well designed storefront. Great solution for small and medium size shops, no commissions taken from sales.
  • Wix Events: Create and manage events easily with Wix events.  Make stunning invitations, sell tickets and communicate with attendees, all for free.
  • Wix Bookings: This app means site visitors can book your services. You can add multiple services and staff members and sync up your calendars for powerful business management. By upgrading this app, you can take payments online.

Bottom line: You can create whatever you want on Wix,  but with so many design options available, Wix has become a little overwhelming, and can be awkward and time consuming. Weebly is less option-rich, and  makes changing global design style changes easy, it’s perfect for people who prefer to

4. SEO

Weebly isn’t going to be recommended by any SEO professionals anytime soon. Weebly is ladened with JavaScript ad has restrictions on commonly added tags, unless you use an app – which many people won’t.

Strangely headings are limited to H2. There’s a free app that enables headings from h1 to h6, however, it can cause issues with page design. It’s a less than perfect option and is something Weebly needs to catch up on.Weebly’s core product  does allows users to edit site and page titles and descriptions easily, and edit URLs, but overall, SEO experts on the web do not rate Weebly highly for SEO

Wix has also had it’s SEO critics in the past.  Heavy Javascipt, Hashbang URLs, and no native blog, meant that Wix was always playing second fiddle to WordPress when it came to SEO.

But all that has changed. Wix’s New Blog is a great SEO weapon, with advanced SEO settings. Editing meta-data, alt tags and Heading tabs is easy.  The URL site structure is compliant with best practice, and with Wix Corvid Dynamic Pages feature, there is a good opportunity for  jumping up the rankings.

Wix’s SEO wizard is designed to help people with no SEO experience, complete the steps Google requires for effective indexing.. Answer a few simple questions about your business and the markets you are targeting, and a personalized SEO plan is generated.

Wix has a unique partnership with Google, which means that by using the Wizard, a Wix site can be found on google in under one minute. This is an incredibly powerful tool for urgent website builds. No other platform can offer this service and it’s a major tick in Wix’s box.

Follow the step-by-step guide to connect your site to Google, – your site will be live it provides basic SEO features such as search console integration and sitemap generation.

Bottom line: Wix take SEO seriously, and offer more built-in SEO features than Weebly, including the killer instant-indexing partnership with Google.

5. Support

Wix users have grown at such a pace, that in their early years, they struggled with meeting  customer service demands . They have since placed a heavy emphasis on developing their help centre option. There are now more than 200,000 topics posted in their official help center/knowledge base, with hundreds of hours of video tutorials and walkthroughs. If you can’t fix the issue yourself, Wix offers email and phone support, with an average wait time of less than 3 minutes.

If you need help, you can  contact Weebly via Phone, Live Chat, or a Support Ticket

Weebly’s Customer Success Team is ready to help seven days a week, Monday – Friday: 6AM – 6PM Pacific Time (9AM – 9PM Eastern Time) and on weekends from 8AM – 5PM Pacific Time (11AM – 8PM Eastern)

Bottom line: Both Wix and Weebly provide comprehensive help and support. Wix provides direct help and keeps their extensive knowledge base content up to date.


You can keep  your website free forever with Wix, so it’s fine for school assignments or family projects. You can upgrade whenever you want–for less than $5 a month. Upgrading to any of their Premium plans isn’t mandatory, but is essential as your business grows.

Premium Plans give you more bandwidth and storage, allows you to connect your own domain and removes all Wix ads (Note: Starting at the Combo Plan for $8.50/mo.). Wix represents excellent value for the money considering endless functionality, continual innovation of the product, free ad vouchers (included in some plans) to run ads with and more.

Weebly operate a similar pricing model. Their Pro plan will cost $12 a month. The Business tier (for small online stores) is $25 monthly. Finally, the Weebly Performance plan (for larger stores) costs $38.

Bottom line: If you build a successful website, the small price difference will become irrelevant. Both platforms offer stable hosting and that is where much of the cost is attributable.


If this review was written in 2016, the result would be much closer, but Wix has developed their product offering at a much faster rate than Weebly.

Wix has improved in every way. From editing tools to the powerful Wix Dashboard. Wix Ascend and Corvid by Wix are new products which take Wix from being a page -builder to a serious tool for business. When you factor in the  dozens of native Wix apps that extend the capability of the platform exponentially, this means that Wix can be used for nearly any type of website, platform or SAAS.

Wix now is head and shoulders above Weebly.  They have developed features such as the Video Box and have made every effort to address the concerns users had. Now, with WIx Turbo, their sites are faster than ever.

Weebly has not moved it platform forward at nearly the same rate. Yes, it is a reliable and tested platform, with a strong e commerce offering. The templates are stylish, and responsive, and good to get started, but that’s it. Weebly will satisfy only the most basic use case, where as, the sky ‘s the limit with Wix.