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Eugene Evans
Web Designer • Arizona, USA

My background lies within the residential real estate and property domain. During the years 1991 to 1998, I become one of the most popular presenters and the foremost authors on Internet marketing of real estate. At the time, I had been using desktop publishing for a range of clients and sales agents as an executive in the title business. I also developed an interest in graphics, enjoying the mix of layout design with color formats. I started to create numerous flyers and logos, and from these, I moved on to web designing.

My Website

In building the website, I tried numerous CMS platforms, such as HTML and CSS coding which I did not like at all. I found that most of these platforms included heavy and unwieldy tool-sets, such as Flash. The majority did not allow the full functionality that is provided by Wix today. Wix’s CMS services allow me to build websites with all the functions desired by my clients, and still present websites which are design-friendly and attractive. The stable platform provided by Wix, with the inclusion of HTML5, together with its straightforward application, allows for the design and provision of concepts from the initial idea to the final presentation. Wix is to be congratulated and admired for its ongoing investment in its infrastructure, the advancement of design and app toolset, as well as server redundancy. Their tech support in San Francisco gives the best customer service and assistance I have ever experienced. As I am living in northern California, it’s easy for me to simply place a call with Wix’s tech support, who always respond timeously and offer great support.
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