Wix Reviews

We reviewed Wix entirely so you don’t have to
Ilan Taieb
NOVATREND owner • Tel-Aviv, Israel

NOVATREND benefits from an exclusive national network that has been present for more than 30 years in the field of interior decoration. In constant search of the most trendy goods and thanks to a selection of products and suppliers based on very specific criteria, our team offers you a choice of collections at the best value for money.

Usability of WIX

“I then decided to create a website” says Novatrend owner, Ilan Taieb. “Among many options, I chose Wix. Why? For many reasons. Wix is easy to use, perfectly designed either for novices or experts. Many options are available, such as managing orders, stock updates or delivery tracking. We have been using Wix for over a year now and we are very happy with the results so far.”

You are more than welcome to visit their website: www.nova-trend.com