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Ottaviano Presutti & Patrizia D’Agostino
Producers • Italy

Our organization produces audiovisual content. Our work includes many different types of projects, from musical clips to short movies, web projects, news media and transmedia. Our biggest project, which we are currently working on is Palio di Siena. We are not web designers or graphic designers, but we strive and wish to be involved in all aspects of our work. Wix supplies an excellent tool and platform which allows us, the user, to learn quickly and independently while on the move.

My Website

By using Wix, we have been able to manage our project on our own, from the moment we got the idea to its visual and digital realization. Wix’s HTML5 tool offers an infinite number of design capabilities. It allows us to create our website from the ground up for each project, and to conceptualize how a structure fits, as well as to reconsider the ergonomics. We found the most useful tool, the drag & drop system which is super easy to use. We plan to continue to use Wix for the creation of all our web projects and transmedia. It is enormously beneficial for the creation and development of web platforms for movie projects (short or long films), as well as for more global and specific web experiences, such as Cannes 66. Our objective is to merge and combine content, in order for them to resonate within a digital scale project. Today, the existence and presence of multiple media screens and the use of smartphones and tablets have made it necessary for us to think in a different way about web and video content.You are more than welcome to have a look at our site.

Why we use Wix for our customers ?

You are welcome to visit us in Reverseweb to learn more about our Wix love story.

How Wix helped my business

Wix provided a platform that facilitated excellent exposure of our content through good visibility, together with allowing us to create a great and professional design without any large financial investment, besides time and learning. Wix also provided us with the ability to easily place video content where we wanted it and when we wanted it.