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Kevin Dang
Founder of Reverseweb • Geneva, Switzerland

Reverseweb agency was launched in July 2017 at the beginning of the release of Wix Code. The team is composed of talented people in different areas : web design, development, digital marketing, graphic design, photography and video/motion design. The main goal of the agency is to create the most ambitious websites using the Wix platform for its clients.

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Why we use Wix for our customers ?

Firstly, we like the main idea of Wix with their famous drag and drop system and since Wix Code the possibility to develop in the same time our own web apps. We can fully design the site as per the client’s request at the beginning, then a developer access the code panel to implement the desired functionality. Once the layout is visually complete, the developer works with the javascript tool (code panel) for connecting the different fields in order to calculate automatically the price. As Wix Experts we repeatedly use the essential built-in review feature, where the client can directly comment on a preview version for any change on his website. Very useful for all new projects. Endly, and thanks to the feature we find most valuable, with Wix we can create a personalised backoffice for each customer linked to Wix Code. It means that a customer can generate and manage easily the pages and parts of his website without enter in the editor. To do this, simply create a dashboard page, connect the different fields to your database depending on what you want to do and design all the elements as you see fit.
You are welcome to visit us in Reverseweb to learn more about our Wix love story.